Oportys services

We provide our clients with a complete spectrum of professional services that covers the whole real estate segment. We have already completed dozens of transactions under each of the services shown below, giving us immensely valuable experience and knowledge that we continue to capitalise on to the benefit of our clients and to maximise their profit.

Monetisation of assets
  • Since 2010 we have brought our clients proven investment opportunities and professional asset monetisation methods across all the regions in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. Thanks to our own Oportys public sales and auction portal, we can also carry out electronic public sales and electronic auctions in addition to traditional monetisation methods such as public sales, tenders and managed direct sales with bids.
Public sales
  • We are one of the largest public sales companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We provide all the legally required steps needed for public sales for our clients and business partners. We auction real estate and movable assets pursuant to Act No 26/2000 Coll., on public sales in the Czech Republic, and Act No 527/2002 Coll., on voluntary public sales in Slovakia.
Electronic public sales
  • In line with the latest trends, we have developed our own Oportys electronic public sales and auction portal to provide the highest quality services in electronic public sales. We carry out public sales pursuant to Act No 26/2000 Coll., on public sales, and Decree No 18/2014 Coll., on the conditions for the procedure for electronic public sales. This represents the transfer of ownership, while the title is the certificate of acquisition of ownership.
Electronic auctions
  • Based on instructions that we always negotiate in advance with the client or business partner, we carry out electronic auctions of real estate and movable assets on our own auction portal according to the Oportys auction terms and conditions. This represents the transfer of ownership, while the title is the contract of sale.
  • We organise both public and non-public tenders. They may have a simplified form, closer to a direct sale, or a more complex form based around Oportys’ own terms and conditions. Tenders may have one or more rounds. They are completed with the submission of bids.
Managed direct sale
  • Compared to traditional direct sales managed by regular real estate agencies, we provide our clients with managed direct sales with bidding. Thanks to this and our contacting of potential bidders, the client gets the highest possible return from the monetisation. The whole process has clear rules that the client is familiarised with in advance.
  • In addition to the real estate market, we also have long-term experience with other related branches, such as insolvency, legal and financial services, development, energy, various types of production and e-commerce. This interdisciplinary knowledge means that we can analyse each opportunity at the highest possible level. We approach each case individually. We help to implement both investments with high yield potentials and also investments with long-term stable yields. We always explain all the possibilities in detail to clients, taking account the level of risk and the anticipated yield. We then recommend the most appropriate investment opportunity.
Investment activity
  • The owners of Oportys a.s. themselves invest in particular into commercial yield-bearing real estate, developer projects and live corporations.
  • We also offer complete marketing services for monetisation projects. We prepare and then implement both online and offline advertising ourselves, while we provide a complete communication strategy for large projects. We create our own texts and graphics for online campaigns and printed advertising.
Property management
  • We provide comprehensive technical and administrative/legal services connected with real estate management. We take care of the acquisition of new tenants and communication with existing ones. We perform technical maintenance for real estate (modifications, repairs and appreciation). We provide technical revisions, hold tenders for energy supplies, and regularly inform the real estate owners about changes and news.
  • In addition to monetising assets, we also focus on leasing residential and commercial real estate. We mediate the leasing of offices, commercial spaces, logistics parks, industrial and warehouse halls, and also apartments, family houses and much more.
Other services
  • In addition to the actual monetisation of assets, we provide other services that are frequently closely tied to this field. For example, we take care of development, complete due diligence, financing, legal services, tax services, advertising, acquiring professional market valuations, expert opinions, and energy performance certificates for buildings.
Language skills
  • We provide our clients with consultation and the handling of their affairs in Czech, Slovak, English, German and French.

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