Technological area Nupharo, Knínice u Libouchce

Knínice, 400 02 Libouchec-Ústí nad Labem-město, Česko

Price to the highest offer

Appraisal price 482 873 714 CZK
Deposit 10 000 000 CZK
Start of the 1st Round of TP 16.04.2020 at
End of the 1st Round of TP 18.06.2020 at
Start of the 2nd Round of TP 18.06.2020 at
End of the 2nd Round of TP 25.06.2020 at
Date of evaluation 02.07.2020

Mgr. Václav Salač, LL.M.

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors

+420 605 060 000

Opportunity description

New modern technological and scientific area Nupharo with the highest level equipment. The area is located nearby the highway exit D8, it is a strategic location for czech, german and polish markets. Distances: Usti n. Labem 6 km, Prague 60 km, Dresden 80 km.

Land with a total area of 62.654 m2, located in the c. t. Knínice u Libouchce, certificate of ownership no. 114. Part of the sale is also a land area of 106 m2 certificate of ownership no. 169, c. t. Žďár u Velkého Chvojna.

Flexible productive halls intend to be used for testing, development and light production. Each hall is combined with a unique ClickBox. There are innovation labs, offices, conference halls and boardrooms in the area. All spaces have data and DC connectivity, oversize aluminum windows and skylight, restrooms, kitchens and gates.

The area consists of five halls and one administrative building. There is a space for an additional construction of three halls in the southern part of the area. There are includes a retention water tank and a wastewater treatment plant. The area has own water tower, a parking place with a recharging station for electric vehicles and a bus stop. There are a water tower, a transformer station, a diesel unit and a gas control station in the northern part of the area.

Edison building is a three-storey building with an area of 3.600 m2. This building includes offices, technical rooms, conference halls, a restaurant, a reception and elevators. There are unfinished spaces which should be used as hotel (24 rooms and 2 apartments), fitness and nursery.

Ohm building (building no.5) with an area of 2.285 m2, can be divided into maximum 10 same units. Currently are 2 units rented.

Tesla building (building no.6) with an area of 2.501 m2, can be divided into maximum 10 same units. This building includes an administrative part (offices, technical rooms, conference room) and a showroom. Currently all units rented.

Watt building (building no.7) with an area of 1.581 m2 and can be divided into maximum 8 same units. Currently all units available.

Ampere building (buildingno.8) with an are of 2.029 m2 and can be divided into maximum 6 same units.

Volt building (building no.9) with an area of 2.029 m2and can be divided into maximum 6 same units. Currently all units rented.

The area has a heat pump system, gas boilers, electrical and water connections, sewerage and ventilation systems which are associated in Energoboxes next to each hall.


 Technical specifications:

  • Clear height: 3.5 m - 7.5 m
  • Loading gates: 4.3 m × 3.0 m
  • Floor loading: 4 ton/m2
  • Iron-concrete prefabricated skeleton
  • Columns grid: 15m×15m/7.5m×15m
  • Installation for photovoltaic panels on the roof space of production hall
  • Share of electricity (AC / DC)
  • Water treatment system – own water purifier

The Ústí nad Labem district is located in the northeast of the Czech Republic nearby german borders. The center of this district is the city Ústí nad Labem with 93 thousand residents. Ústí nad Labem is a historical and an industrial city. It is important junction of a railway and road transport. To most important industries in this district belong brown coal mining, energy industry and chemical industry. You can also find there paper industry, ceramic industry and steelworks. Knínice is a small part of the village Libouchec in the Ústí nad Labem district, located 4 km from Libouchec.

Purchase price: highest bit


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